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  • STRONGEST QUALITY: – Acemarts garden hose with latex core makes it resistant to high water pressure and prevents bursting. The pipe won’t twist or tangle and will have constant water flow, expanding to three times its own length and retract back to its original length. The Polyester Fabric outer layer protects the inner tube for a longer life. Acemarts garden hose has the strongest durability. It is frost-proof and weather-resistant.
  • EASY TO HANDLE & STORE: – Lightweight hose pipe anyone can use this hose pipe with ease, can be hung on the tap or on the hanger or stored in the bag. This item is compact and a space saver. When the water is turned on, this hose expands to up to three times its original size, extending from 35 ft to 100 ft in length with the water pressure 3 – 6 Bars. No twisting or interrupted water flows. Compatible with pressure washer.
  • 8-PATTERN SPRAY NOZZLE – Nozzle gives 8 pattern outputs: Shower, Full, Cone, Mist, Soaker, Angle, Center & Flat. Suitable for a variety of jobs – watering the plants, washing the car, showering your pets & washing patio / deck. FREE GIFT: Acemarts are giving you a Free Non-Threaded Plastic Pipe Connector, which can be used to connect your hose pipe to your non-threaded tap.
  • SCREW THREADED BRASS TAP CONNECTOR: – Brass connector with rubber washer provides a durable and tight seal to eliminate leaks and cracks, excellent corrosion resistance & durability. Acemarts garden hoses are suitable for high and low pressure water systems, Brass connector only fit with threaded pipes.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: – 1 x 100 ft Expandable Garden Hose with Brass Connectors (½ “ (21mm) / ¾ “ (26.5mm) with rubber washers), 1x 3/4″ Brass Ball Valve , 1 X 8-Pattern Spray Nozzle, 1 X Draw String Carry Bag, 1 X Strong Hold Hanger & 1 X Acemarts free gift Non-Threaded Connector. Parts are compliant with EU standard. One year manufacture’s warranty.

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Product information

Technical Details

Product Description:
ACEMARTS Expandable Garden Hose Pipe is extremely light weight making it easy to use. It is strong and durable and comes with high quality adjoining threaded and non-threaded connectors for a leak proof experience. The 8-spray mode nozzle is ideal for all hose pipe uses.

Product Details:
Weight – 2.3 Kg Storage Bag Size – 22cm * 30cm Internal Water Temperature – 0oC to +40oC Environment Temperature – 20oC to +60oC

Inner latex tubing provides long lasting, durability & flexibility. Strong heavy duty woven fabric outer layer extends the life of the hose, making it fit for wear and tear. Connect your hose pipe to your threaded or non-threaded pipes with the brass connectors & non-threaded pipes with our free plastic connector.

For a long life of the hose – handle with care & avoid the hose pipe coming in to contact with sharp objects, store in a shaded area when not in use. The Brass connectors are the heaviest parts of the hose, please consider this and handle with care. Protect from harsh winter conditions – completely drain the water from the hose, pack it in to the storage bag and store it with care in a shed or indoors.

Children may need supervision to handle the hose pipe. The Brass and Plastic connectors if used incorrectly may cause injury due to its clip-on feature. DO NOT USE this hose pipe – to run hot water & for transporting or facilitating drinking water, the materials used to produce this hose are not intended for drinking water. DO NOT leave the tap on whilst the hose pipe is connected to it, for long periods of time when you are not using it. DO NOT stretch or expand this hose pipe when it is empty. If doing so, when you accidentally release the hose it may quickly snap back and may cause personal injury. Hose pipe is intended to expand with water when it is connected to a tap with running water.

Product Test:
We test all of our products before we invest in them, so we can make sure that you will be satisfied with what you are purchasing. Take a look at our findings.

ACEMARTS garden hose with latex core makes it resistant to high water pressure and prevents bursting. The hose pipe won’t twist or tangle, and so long as the tap is on, will have a constant water flow.

The hose pipe expands to three times its own length (100 ft) and retracts back to its original length (35 ft). Polyester fabric outer layer protect the inner tube for longer life. ACEMARTS garden hose has a very strong durability. It is frost-proof and weather-resistant.

The brass connectors with rubber washer provides a durable and tight seal to eliminate leaks and cracks. The brass provides an excellent resistance to corrosion. ACEMARTS garden hoses are suitable for high and low pressure water systems.

The nozzle provides 8 pattern outputs: Shower, Full, Cone, Mist, Soaker, Angle, Center & Flat. It is suitable for a variety of jobs including; watering the plants, washing the car, showering your pets & washing patio/deck.

It is extremely easy to handle and store. The ease of how this product fits together and how easy it is to manage and use makes it ideal for anyone to use.
It can be stored in the draw string bag provided or directly on the hanger also provided. It is compact and saves on a lot more space in comparison to more traditional hosepipes.

Test What we tested Results
1.       Physical Appearance First Impressions and Packaging Parcel arrived in good condition, the items were packed neatly and looked exactly as the pictures showed them to be.
2.       Size How convenient and how much space does it take? The item was very light, and easy to take out of its packaging, and assemble.
3.       Weight How light is it? It weighs approximately 2.00 kg.
4.       Connectors How easy it to fit? Are there any leakages? The Brass Connectors and plastic connector are easy to fit on to the hose pipe as well as on to the various taps and nozzle.
5.       Length What is the length before and after water runs through the hose pipe? The length of the hose pipe is 35 ft, and at the point of full expansion, with water running through the pipe it reaches 100 ft.
6.       Nozzle What is the capacity of the nozzle? How strong is it, and does it connect well? Easy to connect, and to turn the dial for various options. The spray works well with all options.
7.       Water Pressure How much pressure can the hose pipe take? 4 – 6 Bars
8.       Safety How safe are the connectors and hose pipe when expansion takes place? The connectors work well, and are easy to fit, but equally are heavy due to the quality brass fittings. If minors or less abled individuals use them, they may need supervision.
9.       Hanger Is it strong and durable? The hanger is made of a hardened plastic which is durable and sturdy to use with the hosepipe.
10.   Bag Does it tear easily? The bag is strong and manufactured well to house the hosepipe and its fittings.
11.   Blockages / Entanglement Does the hose pipe tangle, or is water pressure affected? Having tested the hose pipe in a number of ways, there were no entanglements, or bends / folding. The water pressure remained constant throughout.

If you are still not sure about the Expandable Lightweight Hose Pipe by ACEMARTS, take a look at the How to Guide in the video

How To Guide: The Expandable, Flexible, Lightweight Hosepipe

How to

Fix Pressure Washer

Connect using the threaded connectors

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 40 cm
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